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a () Verb prefix meaning on or upon: as ma¥aœu, to rain, ama¥aœu, to rain on.
a (n) the armpit, under the arm, between the forelegs of animals.
a () Listen! Used on hearing a noise or voice so as to draw others' attention.
®a (v.) to bury.
¶a (v.a.) to dig.
¡a (n) the head.
a¡e (v.) to wait.
a¡e/a (v.a.) to strike or hit.
™a¡i (n) the liver of a ruminate animal, such as deer, bison, moose, elk, etc.
‰a®a Wakpa (n.) Mississippi River. Literally: River of the falls.
‰a®a Wakpadaå () Bassett’s Creek, near St. Anthony Falls, Minneapolis, MN. Literally: Little river of the falls.
‰a®a™uåwaå Oyate (p.n.) the Ojibwe/Anishinabe. Literal Translation: Waterfall Dweller Nation.
‰a®atuåwaå Wakpa () Chippewa River. Literally: River of the Waterfall Dwellers (Ojibwe).
™a®ca ™ado (n) deer meat, vension
™a®iåça (n) deer.
a®peya (vt.) leave on, leave behind, leave at, drop off at.
a®uyapi bdu (n) flour. Literal Translation: bread powder
a¥u () to burn on.
a¥uya. (v.) to cause to burn on.
a¥uyab haåskadaå (n) noodles, spagetti. Literal Translation: Long, skinny bread.
a¥uyab skuyedaå (n) cookie, donut, cake, danish. Literal Translation: sweet little bread.
a¥uyabskuyedaå (n.) muffin, danish, cake. Literally: sweet little bread.
a¥uyabßpaå opu®dipi (n) stuffing.
a¥uyabsutadaå (n.) bagel. Literally: tough little bread.
a¥uyabzibzipedaå (n.) pancakes. Literally: twin little breads.